Friday, May 1, 2009

Comment on Legacy

I am concerned about how the movie-makers affected the family.
Even though it was not a 100% happy ending, the story went toward a good way and good direction.
A question comes up in my mind: if there was no one filming the story, the movie team never showed up,will the story be different?
I like the movie and it showed the digital divide and and many difficulties in low-level areas. However, it just seems to me that the movie was always heading the good ways and we know they will overcome the difficulties and survive.
I am guessing a lot of families experienced the similar condition and were not able to get a job and a house. Some of them do illegal stuff and drugs for their entire life.
This can be a direction for us to think about: there are more families that have lower income, lower accessbility to information, and more digital divide.

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