Friday, May 1, 2009

Group 11 Video Project

Here's the video.

The things I brought to this project were the basic premise of talking about a 3rd space in a 3rd space, and the filming. I thought it was interesting to see if we could find the characteristics of a third space in a real world situation. Initially I thought that the criterion for finding a 3rd space were a bit odd and difficult to fulfill, but after coming up with potential locations to shoot at, it became more and more clear that almost anywhere could be a third space, at least to some degree. I would say that this project made the classroom experience stronger by forcing some of the students who usually don't speak their mind to talk and have a face put to it (unlike what they are able to do in the blog).


eschield said...

I thought that this video project was a a really good idea. Sometimes the topics we discuss in class, such as the topic of 3rd spaces, can be very dull and boring. However, having to apply what we learn to a situation is helpful for a better understanding and is much more enjoyable. I thought that this video accurately displayed what a very common third place is like. Though the audio was hard to hear, we discussed various aspects of a third place, such as access (physically, socially, and access to internet), and how starbucks acts as a home away from home. I also think it was very important that we showed that Starbucks, as in all third places, are welcoming to all different people. This was displayed in our video because Starbucks was busy and full of people of all different sorts. My role in the video was to convey the aspects of a third place, as well as do some of the videotaping. I believe our video gave a more real and personal account of what a third place is.

Dani said...

For our group video project, Chris came up with the idea of using a 3rd space theme. I then suggested using Oldenburg's characteristics of a 3rd place and applying them to our video. We all played acting roles to help convey this message. I think we worked well with each other despite audio difficulties. I enjoyed the video project because it was very refreshing to do some hands-on activities to help clarify the articles.

Brendan Shaughnessy said...

We decided to make our video about 3rd spaces. I had initially suggested doing it in a library, though we decided that a using Starbucks as a setting would more clearly demonstrate the characteristics of a 3rd place. I was one of the actors in the film and discussed 3rd placesduring the film. Unfortunatly, one of the characteristics (conversation) in starbucks made it almost impossible to hear our dialog on the film. Overall, it was a good experience... I'm not a coffe drinker myself and had never before been in a Starbucks, so it was neat to really see the things we spoke of come to life in a real world setting.

Dani said...

In addition to my other post... I felt the videos helped clarify a lot of the articles. I think it is easy to read an article and get a vague interpretation of the topic you are intended to learn. I think creating videos based on key topics within the articles helped to expand my learning more than just reading. It was also a lot more enjoyable to do something other than discuss about the articles.
In our particular video, I thought that it gave me a much better idea about a 3rd space and it was fun to collaborate everybody's different personalities and ideas together. I think of 202 as more appliable than before. The fact you can learn something and make a video about it makes me appreciate the class more. I thought the articles were a major part of the class but also thought it dulled the class as well. The movies and the video project really helped me think through the articles more.

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