Saturday, January 31, 2009

social capital discussion?

I don't have much to add to the 3rd place debate. It seems that the general consensus is that our blog has the potential for being a third place with the exception that it is not a home away from home. How you define "3rd place" depends on how much you value having an actual physical location.

To what extent do you think our class is bridging or bonding social capital? (I know we discussed this in class, but I don't think anyone has addressed it online).

A different kind of third place?

This may be kind of out there, and it really may make no sense at all, but can a single person be a third-place to another person in a sort of abstract way?? From my own experience, when I feel like I need to escape from the demands of life/school, I don't necessarily "go" anywhere...but I do go to a person. When I am with this person I feel like I am on neutral ground (i'm not being judged), I can talk to this person about my problems/feelings (conversation is the main act), they are always there when I need them (accessibility and accommodation), they are low profile, we are always the two "regulars", the mood can be playful (especially if they are trying to cheer me up!), and they definitely feel like a home away from home (I am always comfortable with them). I would much rather be with this person than alone somewhere else. Also, this person is increasing my social capital. I am bonding with this person, and am open to the connections that they have with other individuals and vice versa. So....does this make any sense or no???

Friday, January 30, 2009

"Blogging" a third place?

      The characteristics of a third place are : a neutral ground, leveler, conversation, accessibility/accommodation, regulars, low profile, mood is playful, and a home away from home.  I think that blogging fits some of the above criteria but not enough to consider it a third place.  I think that computers are a neutral ground for most people with the increase of technology and its spread to the public community.  I do not consider it a leveler because I feel that you can not control bias from happening over the computer especially when interacting with people you often don't know that well.  However, blogging does fulfill the conversation characteristic.  Conversation is one of the only things that you do blogging.  I believe the computers are becoming more accessible and accommodating, which makes blogging easy to do.  For this class, we will be blogging regularly so the same people will be posting (which fulfills the regularity requirement).  Blogging is very low profile because anyone can do it and you don't even have to tell people your name!  I could be chatting it up with an intelligent six year old and have no idea!  I don't think blogging will always create a playful mood.  The website doesn't seem that "inviting" and we are all here to share our opinions on various subjects.  I feel when a large amount of people converse with different opinions, people tend to clash.  It may be a learning experience but I would not necessarily categorize it as playful.  Lastly, many people would not consider blogging a "home away from home" because some people may choose to only use their home computers.  Many people may not want to go to a library or coffee shop to blog especially if they have a computer in the comfort of their own home. 

Intro. . .better late than never

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who is new to blogging. It took me awhile to figure out how to post this!

It's a little late, but I'll briefly introduce myself. My name is Brian Kenadjian, and I'm a freshman engineering student from Minneapolis. I'm not particularly good with introductions, though I suppose a couple of unique things about me are that I've played on a high school Ultimate Frisbee team, and that I'm currently a part of the robotics team here at Madison.

Second video about the Library in Seattle

This TED talk, which are frequently excellent, gives a second perspective about the Seattle Library this time from the architect and shows a more design oriented approch to development of what hopefully will be a third space.

Is our blog a third place? Yes and no

I would have to agree that in some ways our blog is a third space, and in other ways it is not. It is a neutral ground, a leveler, and conversation is the main activity. So far it seems pretty accommodating and there will probably be regulars. It keeps a low profile because you can say whatever you want behind a computer screen. I would disagree that the mood is playful. Yes everyone made friendly introductions, but when we start posting on some of the articles, our opinions may not agree with what other people are saying. We may also judge each other by what was said. To me that does not seem like a third place, and I'm not sure if it's a home a way from home.

Is this blog a 3rd space?

I'd say no...not yet at least. I do think that an online enviorment can certainly be a 3rd place in some situations. For example: facebook. I live a busy life and tend to travel behind the times, so that was all new to me. I am completly amazed in a matter of 3 weeks how many poeple i've connected and re-connected with, many of whome I hadn't seen since childhood. But it's a place that I now connect with my firends and share some laughs. As far as this blog goes, I think that if/when we get to know one another and warm up a bit it could potentially develope to a 3rd space but for right now, I'd say no.

third space blogging?

Is blogging a third space? Probably not because it is not an actual place and therefore cannot serve as a home away from home. At the beginning the mood might be playful, but blogging for this class is ultimately more academic than playful. And certainly some people are more comfortable than others with blogging. Personally, I feel blogs are hostile places in which people are free to impersonally attack the opinions of others.

What really is a third place...

I have heard all these definitions of a third place, what it should consist of, what it should provide and what not. However, I think a third place could be me going to a friends house and hanging out and sleeping over. Its a home away from home, its mingling with my friends, and if we want we can even talk about intellectual things like strategies on how to win Risk! Heck i can even walk around in my boxers if I so wished, to me that sounds like a home away from home.

Not a 3rd space for all of us

I think this blog is not a third space for all of us because many of us do not feel comfortable blogging yet and may never feel comfortable blogging. I am not trying to say that blogging does not have it's place, but I do think that this blog is going to force some people to make statements they might not really want to make. If the atmosphere is supposed to be relaxed and playful, then this is definitely not a 3rd space. If you want proof just wait a few weeks for us to get into some more heavy debates. Some people will get angry about posts and responses and their mood will not be playful. We've all seen these annoying facebook group discussions where people get mad and argue about things. I argue that blogs are ideal environments for many people to argue because they don't have to defend themselves face to face.

Is this a 3rd place?

This blog is neutral and leveling in that we are all students in this class. We are equals in that respect and therefore equals in our interactions here. Conversation is the only activity since this is a virtual space where conversation is what we are doing. It is only accessible to people in this class. However we can access it from any computer which makes it more accessible to many of us but for a person who does not have their own computer it is only accessible in a place where they can use a computer and the internet. It has regulars. We will all be regulars, if only for our participation points. It is not flashy. It is not advertised. The mood so far is playful since all we have posted is general facts about ourselves however these posts are far less playful in that they are a serious analysis of class discussion. It is homework, which I rarely think of as playful. I would not consider this a home away from home. As a student, school is my work. Therefore this blog, as something I am doing for school, is part of my work and therefore not a third place but part of my second place.

College Library noise rooms, 3rd place?

I was wondering what your guy's opinion is about college library? I feel like it fits most of the criteria to being a third place, I know I personally go there and study with a group of friends on the 2nd floor loud room and the mood is lighter and its not as serious as if we were studying in a silent room. Last semester I couldn't even count the number of hours I spent there...

Therd Place

I think an important quality of a third place is for it to be a physical place. Although the focus is on communication and the mood is generally playful, it is difficult to describe a blog as a home away from home, seeing as much blogging is done at home. A blog is a public place in the sense that anyone can do it, but it still is not somewhere you can physically go. Blogging is fun.

3rd Place

While this blog is a place where people can come together to share opinions and cultivate social capital, that it is not yet a third space simply because I do not feel as comfortable sharing ideas on this blog as I would just in the company of my friends. However, I think that there is potential for this to become a third space because the anonymity of the internet could be helpful for everyone to get over their reticence to share ideas.

third spaces ...

does this blog qualify as a third space? so the eight qualifications would be: 1 neutral, 2 leveler, 3 conversation, 4 accessibility, 5 regulars, 6 low profile, 7 relaxed mood, 8 home away from home. so, i would agree that this blog is mostly a third space. I dont quite agree that its a home away from home but it has regulars, our class; its neutral and relaxed, we can say what we want and there are not negative repercussions; and everyone has access to the internet that is a regular. so all in all, yes.. i just hope this doesnt become my "home away from home" ...

Our blog, a 3rd space?

Well I would have to think that our blog would qualify as a third space. When you look at the characteristics of a third space (see below) I would think that our blog fits most of those.

1. On neutral ground
-our blog is located on the internet, which in my opinion is a neutral site giving no person an advantage in our discussions. Its also a place where everyone, not just an exclusive demographic, can go to get information, entertainment, etc.
2. The third place is a leveler
-I don't know about you all but I feel on the same plane with everyone in here. I don't feel as though anyone is better/worse then I am, and that we are all free to speak on this blog.
3.Conversation is the main activity
-we have come to this blog and have joined this class to discuss our viewpoints, beliefs, etc. so obviously conversation and discussion is the main activity going on here.
4. Accessibility and accommodation
-everyone in this class can post their views and have access to the views of others. Much like a library where you can access the writings of different authors and no one can't check out a book.
5. Regulars
-as a class we are all going to be regularly contributing to this blog...

and i would go on but we are starting discussion again!!!

Is our blog a third place?

I would say that our blog is a third place in respect to the facts that it is on neutral ground (as long as you're in the class,) it's a leveler in the sense of race and age, but not so much for socioeconomic class and intelligence. Conversation is obviously the main activity, and because we all have the money to be here, we all probably have the money to have a computer, or if we don't, there are computers provided at the library, so it is accessible and accommodating. We are all regulars here, or soon will be. It has a low profile, in the sense that anyone could right anything relevant and it would be accepted as a valid opinion. I don't know if the mood is necessarily playful, because it is for a class, but I don't think it has the gravity of existentialism or anything. The one reason I would argue that this is not a third place is that I don't think this is a home away from home. Maybe a blog about something I do for fun or activities I'm interested in would be, but even then, I've always been more of a real world girl and I've never been huge on virtual reality or technology.

Social Capital

Everyone has missed the point of what social capital is to the community you live in. Like it or not, not everyone has highlights in their social, school, or religion that enables them to capitalize on it. At the least, social capital is inequality. Those who have the communication, economic, and educational skills necessary to capitalize upon the success of others does not include everyone in America. As we learned about the library, aspects of the Seattle library do not necessary reflect into an environment that is rewarding for all participants. It is a matter of who you know and not what you know ia another aspect of relationships that we have learned. What is missing is how those with capital restrict that access to those who do not. This is done not only from inferior educational institutions, but being employed in low skilled low wage jobs creates a generational pattern that cannot be ignored.

Article analysis

I thought it was pretty sweet that the Asian demographic had the most positive impact correlation effect or what ever the correct statistical terminology may be on libraries. When i was in middle school and elementary school i would go to the library on a weekly basis and check out a lot of books and just go through all of them. And i think my family conforms pretty well to the typical science oriented oriental family that values education and excellence above almost everything else so i can easily see how this happened. On the other hand i remember the African American students in my middle school in South Carolina almost striving to prove that they dont know something. I felt that alot of them thought that if they knew something about anything, that would make them geeks and nerds and completely "uncool". this almost phobia of knowledge gives an early explanation why their statistics are horribly low.

Is a blog a third-place?

I think that this blog could act as a third-place for some. For myself, and I believe for others as well, it is much more in the comfort zone to write about their ideas and beliefs than to voice them out loud. Furthermore, this blog has a lot of the characteristics that make a third-place a third-place. For instance, this blog has a neutral ground, has regulars, conversation is not only the main, but the only activity, and it is easily accessible (at least to our class though many could argue that having access to the internet is not necessarily easy). However, even though the mood so far has been playful, but it may not always be depending on the topic of conversation and I don't think many people will think of this blog as a "home away from home."

The Blog as a third space

I feel like the blog can definitely function as a third place. It's not necessarily a "home away from home," because it's probably not where I would choose to spend a good chunk of time; however it does qualify as a third space in other categories. It's definitely not acessable to others, since if someone isn't in this class, I doubt they'll be allowed to participate, but in every other aspect, it can be a third space. First of all, I believe that the blog is on neutral ground and is an equalizer. Everyone's opinion is (or at least should be) valued equally. The main activity of the blog is conversation, which helps everyone to build social capital, both by bonding to people that may be like us and bridging to people who are unlike ourselves. Hopefully, we can keep the mood playful and focus on the conversation!!

The Blog Potential

I believe this blog has the potential to be a third place. In looking over the 8 characteristics of a third place, this blog - right now - achieves 7 of them. We are on neutral ground (the Internet), it is a leveler. What else could we do on a blog besides having a conversation? We are regulars, attending to it throughout the semester. It (and we) have a low profile on here. Very acessible with access to the Internet and its a rather playful mood on here. I think its only lacking a home away from home. But in time, I think this blog will be a third place. It's a matter of us, the bloggers, being comfortable to share opinions and post. I do think it adds a lot of social capital. Hearing other peoples opinions will only broaden my thinking and knowledge of a subject in a way I never looked at it. There is a lot of potential here, we just need to utilize it.

Social Capital

Oh well, I do think this class is a third place, simplely because we all are able to share opinions easily, and it functions almost exactly the same way as a library does.

As for Social Capital, I was actually surprised when I saw this term, because we use that a lot in Economic calculating labor-capital. However, Social capital is somehow different from other capital, because I feel like it's more spiritual stuff, eg: you can't really calculate happiness. There is no unit or anything for Social Capital, but at the same time, you cannot deny the existance of it. I think it is something interesting and can be further discussed.

The Blog as a 3rd Space?

The Blog feels like a third place in a few ways to me. In contrast to a classroom or lecture hall environment it is definitely more playful (or less serious). This can be seen in the discussion about peoples' interests and hobbies outside school. Also, at the most fundamental level the blog is a means of communication and conversation, which is supposed to be the main purpose of a third space.

On some level the Blog also acts as a leveler for our class. People have some level of anonymity and are all able to perform the same blog actions. It could be argued that it is unfair (un-leveling?) to those without internet access or the technical know-how to use it, but once those hurdles are overcome I think that it is, at least in some aspects, a third space.

Concepts and Community within this Disccusion page

This discussion page doesn't seem to be a third space in the same way the professor was describing in class. Rather this page is simply another attempt to facilitate discussion for this class largely made up of peers. While there are differences between people in this class and each person brings an individual perspective formed from their own personal experiences; largely there seems to be more that we can say binds us together, in loose groups of similar education, socio-economic status, etc., than decisively divides us. Secondly this page also provides another method for instruction and evaluation of this class. This detracts from freedom since we are under the expectation that our TA will read to gauge participation. While people can still write whatever they want I suspect that posts will focus on this aspect rather than community building and creation of social capital. Finally I know for myself that this post has been completely dominated by my own internal editor (myself) making sure that I don't say anything foolish or that I will later regret but will still fulfill the requirements for the grade.

1st Post

What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Love it when the sun shines and the snow glitters like crystal gold. Been back in Madison now for a few years. Sometimes I greatly miss the forest of the northwest. But, I.m here on a bucket list to finish school. So far, I don't doubt myself for not finishing up an education degree over 30 years ago. The state of education in America has gotten worse since I was in school. The only recourse left is to attack my concerns by going back to school. It's better then being a retired electrician sitting at home and watching replays of baseball games.

Hi Everybody!

Hey everyone, I got to the SLIS lab pretty late today after going to the 4th floor of wendt library... but I eventually did find it and would like to tell you all a very small amount of information about myself. I am a junior at here at UW, an engineering major, and I am also new to blogging. I am hoping this class goes well for everyone with the blogging etc..

Hi, I'm Jason

My name is Jason Yarusso. I'm a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Madison and I am planning on majoring in psychology. I enjoy reading, watching television, and listening to music. My favorite genre of music is rock but I also listen to a lot of alternative and enjoy most genres. I really like pets but I do not have any because my mother is allergic to both fur and feathers.

My parents are both Ph.D Chemical engineers who got their Ph.D's at UW Madison. My dad works for 3M as a Division Scientist in the commercial graphics division. My mom teaches chemistry at the high school I attended. I went to Hill-Murray school which is in Maplewood MN. I grew up in Shoreview MN which is a suburb of St. Paul. I have one brother and one sister who are both older than me. My sister has a bachelor's degree in theatre from the Univerisity of MN and my brother is still in college.


Hey everyone,

I'm Luke Ehlen and I'm a sophomore majoring in business management. I'm from Cambridge WI, which is about 25 minutes from here. I work at a sorority everyday, which could possibly be the easiest job in the world. During the summer I sell Cadillac's and Hummers at the dealership here in madison. I love sports, being outside, and following the stock market. Someday I'd like to own my own business, or manage a company.

Go Badgers!
Hiiii! I'm Emily, and I'm a visiting student from UT-Austin. But I think I'll stay here even though I miss the nice weather and the biscuits. =)

hey guys!

Hey, my name is Mark Latif, I'm a junior currently pursuing a degree in consumer science. I've always been business oriented and I actually started my own business a little less then two years ago. I went to high school in Richland Center, WI which is a small town about an hour and a half west of here, our little claim to fame is Frank Lloyd Wright was born in there. I've always been an active guy and love playing some hoops from time to time at the serf when my schedule is ridiculous.


Hi, My name is Richard Huang. I am from Taiwan (across from Pacific Ocean). I am a sophomore in UW-Madison, intend to be an Economics Major.

Since I grew up in Taiwan, I wish to bring some different thoughts to class, and share my background infromation to others.

Something special about myself, I play table tennis for 10 years, and currently playing for UW-Madison team. I do some coaching at the table tennis club here in Madison, however, the table tennis population in Wisconsin is not as high as States such as New York and California. I wish to promote the sport of table tennis national wise and I participate in many table tennis tournaments every year.
Lastly, I have poor English, especially writing... it should be something you guys should know.


When I tell people where i was born they are always surprised. When my friends and acquaintances discover that mild mannered John Brekke was actually born in a rural hospital just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. This fact is made all the more surprising by the fact that i grew up in a suburb on Minneapolis call Plymouth, MN. I have a lot of love for my home town and all its crazy inhabitants.

In my spare time I enjoy cross country skiing, running long distances, biking through urban areas at night, watching hipster movies, being outside, listening to random music, reading voraciously, producing slightly ironic hip-hop songs, and generally being around people with unique and entertaining perspectives.

At the University of Wisconsin I am currently studying to become a chemical engineer.

Post One

Hello. My name is Kevin. I am studying cartography and physical geography. I find maps and geography fascinating since it allow me to draw upon many fields, interests, and topics in constructing a view of the world. While this sometimes moves what I think about to a jack-of- all trades approach and master of none I enjoy the exposure to variety and discover of new things. I also enjoy backpacking, alpine climbing, and skiing whenever possible. Posting things about myself on the internet is completely new and most likely subsequent posts will leave out how I feel or my life and rather will focus on some point raised in class or additional things to think about regarding the class. Be Well.
Hey everyone, my name is Amanda Kannard and I'm a freshman here at UW this year. My major is technically undecided but I'm seriously considering rural sociology. I'm from East Troy, Wisconsin and in my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, reading, snowboarding, going to concerts and dancing. I'm also new to this whole blogging thing but hopefully it will end up being of some benefit to all of us.

so i feel pretty ridiculous doing this ... not so much on the blogging... but hey its participation points right? so this is my third year here and my first blogging experience, lets see how it goes...

im laura, from virginia..


Hello! My name is Mohammad Raza, however I go by my middle name which is Hassan. I am a freshman here at UW-Madison. I like hanging out with friends, trying new things, and unfortunately am easily swayed by informercials on TV :(. I also like playing video games and am rather good at Halo 3. I am not too shy around people, and am easily able to voice out my opinions in large groups if I know what I am talking about that is, thus I have never found the need to blog. Personal conversation is my style and I will probably stick to that so. If you want to know more about me...then just ask!


Hello! My name is Julia Normington. I'm from St. Paul Minnesota and I'm a freshman here at UW. My academic interests include biology, chemistry, psychology, and other sciences. I plan to major in biology and go on to graduate school to do something in healthcare. Aside from my academic interests, I enjoy raising and playing with fish, reading, rock music, and fighting for LGBT rights in the Madison community. I'm very excited for this class and hope to get to know everyone! Thanks! Julia


Hi All,
My Name is Brendan Shaughnessy. I'm a junior, a transfer student, and intend to attend the school of business next semester in the 5 year accounting program. This is my first time contributing to a blog and thus far has been a most-wonderful experience. I've lived in Madison my for my whole life, and most likely will never leave for more than a vacation or two every year. I enjoy traveling and do so as often as I can afford to. Hands down, my favorite destination is Alaska. I've been cruising there twice now now, and am hoping to plan trip number 3 soon. I love music of all types and am always interested in a good suggestion. I have worked in the Student loan industry for the past few years and am always happy to offer advice if needed!

Hi There!

Hi, I'm Nick Wirsbinski. I am currently a junior majoring in Biology from the little town of Mosinee, WI. In my free time I enjoy hunting, playing video games, traveling and hanging out with friends. I live out in the country on a mini farm. My parents are rather crazy. We have 3 horses, a donkey, chickens, 3 cats, 2 dogs and honey bees. Couple of lamas are being added to the list this summer. Being from a small town, I am naturally shy. I'm not a huge fan of public speaking and sharing my opinions. Hopefully as this class goes on, I'll won't be as shy. I do think this class will be very interesting with so many different personalities. I'm looking foward to learn about something, that I don't know much about.

a little about me

Hey everyone,

My name is Jake Sweitzer and like Danielle I too am a transfer student but from Edgewood which is over by Camp Randall. I'm new to the whole UW thing but so far I like it a lot. Being a Badger and even walking to class is pretty legit even though its about four degrees outside. Blogging is a new thing for me but hopefully it'll work out well. Some things I do in my spare time include lacrosse (I play for the UW team), video games (Call of Duty 5 and Halo 3), and reading (right now I'm working on In Cold Blood by Capote) are all favorite things of mine to do.


Hey, My name is Emily Schield. I'm a sophomore and am applying to the School of Business this semester. I hope to major in Marketing...I think. I am originally from Neillsville, a very small town in Wisconsin, which has a major lack in any sort of ethnic diversity so I'm excited to see what I can learn about ethnic diversity issues during this semester. I'm a first-time blogger, but since I'm not a huge public speaker, I think I'm going to enjoy using the blog. Can't wait to hear everybody's thoughts and opinions! :)


Hello everyone, my name is Chris. I'm a freshman and I've lived in Madison my whole life. I spend most of my time playing Xbox, and have also recently become a TV addict (my favorite shows are The Office, Heroes, Scrubs, and 30 Rock). This is a picture of me from this Christmas, I don't have any reason for posting it, but I like it a lot.

As far as academic interests go I really enjoy Psychology and Philosophy (Plato was the man), but I'm thinking about business so I can work for a marketing firm.

I think that I'd like to look at this class from the perspective of recreating these 3rd places in a network society form. In other words, I feel like the internet age has created opportunities for social capital without meeting in real spaces.

Hi! I'm Coral!

Hi, my name is Coral Weigel! I'm a Freshman and I'm currently living in Kronshage. I'm from Green Bay, but I moved around a lot when I was younger. I was born in Glendale, California (which is a suburb of Los Angeles) but eventually I moved to Michigan. From there I moved to Texas and then to Japan. When I was around 7 or 8 we ended up in Green Bay, and that's where I've been until I moved here.

I have one little brother named David (we call him "Bubba") and a sister Emma. They are 5 and 6 respectively. They're both very cute. I have a dog named Rosie and a cat named Mermaid. My room at home is periwinkle and sea green, and I'm proud of that because I painted it myself on a three day cleaning spree.

Right, so, about me, myself. My favorite subjects are English and History, although I'm not taking classes in either subject right now, which is making me sad. I like to act, and I'm in an improvisational comedy troupe in Green Bay. I was also in Forensics all through high school for Poetry Reading. I was in the One-Act play for three years. Basically, I like to act. I also like to read and write, especially poetry. Some of my favorite authors are James Joyce, Charles Bukowski, George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Vladimir Nabakov. I have many more and if you ever want to talk books, come and find me. I also really enjoy music (like most people.) My favorite artists are Brand New, We Are Scientists, Interpol, Modest Mouse, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Ani DiFranco, and The Dresden Dolls.

I think that's probably enough about me! :)


Hi Friends!!!

My name is Luke Nowakowski. I am a Junior Accounting major from Milwaukee, WI. Im very excited to partake in my first blogging experience. I feel like I have some very interesting opinions that I hope will get people thinking. I think it will be very fun to learn about diversity in a classroom as opposed to the real world. I can promise everyone that will read my blogs in the future that I will never use abbreviations such as lol or lmao.

Intro - Zixiao

Hi everyone my name is Zixiao Chen you can call me Zi. I am a freshman here at UW studying biochemistry and plan on going to med school. when i have free time (which is alot less than i would like), i enjoy conversing with friends, playing videogames and sleeping. Currently I spend a sizable amount of time (10+ hrs a week) in a research lab in the Biochem building learning about membrane proteins (and i get school credits for it which i think is pretty cool) but i guess thats not tooo relatable to LIS 202... I've moved around alot over my life. I moved to America from China when i was 8 and lived in Tucson Arizona for 3-4 years, then my family and i moved to Charleston South Carolina where i stayed for 3 years. And finally for sophmore highschool year, i moved to Whitefish Bay Highschool.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hi!  My name is Danielle Pacey and I am a transfer student from Florida.  In my spare time, I love going to the beach, cooking, traveling, painting, going to concerts, and basketball.  I am new to "blogging" and hope everything goes smoothly for all us!  The attached picture is of my cat, Alley Gato.

on-line lecture

Had trouble listening to lecture. audio was not consistent. She talked alot about stats. Are we to provide same kind of stats?