Saturday, May 9, 2009

Review: Group 4, Key Terms "Toward a New Agenda"

~ Community Technology (CT) Movement:  this movement is one in response to the larger socioeconomic transformation that has created our current informational society; uses locally based institutions and programs that act to enlighten and teach about advances in information and computer technology, engage citizens in civil society, and encourage disadvantaged groups to seek the new opportunities presented through the use of new technology

~ IT: "information technology"; IT provides better potential in creating a more economically and socially just society (221); "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware" (Wikipedia); more often than not, IT offers freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to already tech. powerful demographics

~ "digital exile" vs. "power user":  these terms refer to the opposite ends of the IT skill spectrum; those with little to no experience of skill with IT and other digital resources are considered to be excluded or "exiled", while those considered "power users" represent the technologically savvy and more experienced users;  according to the article, "women and people of color were disproportionately represented in the least IT-savvy categories" (222)
- "low-order task": refers to computer usage such as word processing
- "high-order task": computer usage such as analyzing information and design

~ CTC: fairly obvious since we have mentioned them all semester; "Community Technology Centers";
primary goal is to bring technology to under-served communities, however unlikely to create a largely significant
dent in the digital divide ; key to social bridging capital

~ CBO: "Community-building Organizations" / "Community Based Organizations"; voluntary, civil society
non-profit organizations ; aid in areas of community services and action, health services, educational services,
personal growth and improvement services, and self-help and social welfare groups
- partnerships between CTCs and CBOs are imperative to the growth and success of the Community
Technology Movement

~ "tech-fix": coined by Weinberg in 1966, this term was used to describe the myth that technology is primarily
a problem solver ; in some cases, IT has the ability to aggravate certain spacial and socioeconomic inequalities,
however, with the correct implementation of policies and reform, IT would most definitely lessen the digital divide

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