Friday, May 8, 2009

Group 3

Building the Bridge: Learning from Seattle in Bridging the digital divide: Technology, community and public policy. , Servon,L. J. . Oxford: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated, 2002

Key terms:
Seattle Public Access Network (PAN)-serves as an electronic city hall that allows citizens to obtain city information and services electronically and to communicate with city officials.

Citizens' Telecommunication and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB)-makes recommendations to the mayor and city council on issues of about telecommunications and technology

Citizens' Literacy and Accesss Fund-established by the city to decrease the digital divide. They developed a fiber map detailed with infrastructure investement in the state relating to the digital divide.

CLC-Computer Learning Center-similar to a CTC

Technology Matching Center (TMC)-neighborhood and citywide organizations* that support/create citizen driven technology literacy and access projects.

Seattle Community Network (SCN)-one of the first technological community networks

*the major key term used was IT "Information Technology" and the various complications and attempted remedies to solve IT problems

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