Saturday, May 9, 2009

Group 2 Video Response/Reflection

our video attempted to put into perspective some of the topics we discussed in class into a context that was much closer to home. I think that often in discussing the digital divide we often make sweeping statements about who is included vs those who are not. The digital divide itself is a fairly generalized and sweeping statement encompassing all parts of access to technology and its uses in our world today. Therefore showing the wealth of opportunities for individuals on our campus we attempted to show that although there are differences in students connection with technology (since they come from diverse backgrounds) that still the campus community is extremely well connected and at the leading edge of the technological revolution. With this privileged spot any small disruption in connection or access seems huge, a seeming digital divide. However this break in connection doesn't suddenly transport us across the digital divide. Here at the university there are so many opportunities that it turns out to be not a problem at all when looked at from a wider lens. By detailing the opportunities for students we attempted to further highlight the stark differences that truly make up a divide in our society in technological access.

All in all I felt that we were relatively successful in communicating this message in such a short time. A more stark contrast could be made if the video continued on to highlight another community which did not have such a comprehensive network of opportunity and access to back them up. By showing these two groups in comparison I think that our message of students privilege would be further fleshed out.

The group worked well to get the filming and editing done. Ideas in the early stages were difficult to form into a cohesive yet time sensitive narrative. It was this portion of the project that was most difficult for our group. By picking a specific area of the narrative though we were able to give in depth look at the student population rather than touching upon a host of ideas without any context or depth.

In the end there were somethings that could have changed or been done differently but i think we were successful in this assignment.

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