Friday, May 8, 2009

Learning from Seattle - Condensed Summary

Group 3 - Seattle Summary


Seattle has attempted to become a Technology literate city. It has better than average access rates to multiple technology sites. IT can play a crucial role in providing access to information to the residents of Seattle, ensuring a more democratic system where the public is informed, thus a better quality of life. Seattle matches the conception that the majority of people who lack access tend to be older, low-income, low education, and African American or Latino. In order to reach out to these citizens, the city has established public work stations, and through those have provided internet access as well. Organizations such as The Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board and The Technology Matching Fund were created to encourage and promote affordable access to and use of telecommunications and technology; advocate, solicit, and facilitate citizen participation in telecommunications and technology decision making; and the Matching Fund has provided money to initiate CTCs, however there is no continuing support. Basically the article keeps talking about the initiatives that Seattle has taken to become a technology literate city. Although it has not completely accomplished its goals, the city of Seattle is well on its way to providing access to the internet to its citizens and is an idealistic role model for other cities to follow.

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