Friday, May 8, 2009


Jaeger, P. T., Bertot, J. C., McClure, C. R., & Langa, L. A. (2006). The policyimplications of Internet connectivity in public libraries Government InformationQuarterly 23(1): 123-141.

Key terms for the article:
Sufficient connectivity-high enough bandwidth

Broadband connectivity-the transmission speed in which data is transferred

Digital Inclusion-an alternative to the digital divide that focuses on how many people ARE online

"Mission Accomplished" Prospective-viewing current levels of internet access as an accomplishment instead of working to increase the usage levels

E-Government Act of 2002-reinforcement of public libraries providing citizen access to e-government sites

Children's Internet Protection (CIPA)-requires a library to filter Internet access in the library so that children are protected from potentially harmful material

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